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thanks for joining us. i'm katie. let's start with a quick first look at the weather. here's meteorologist lisa argen. >> good morning, everyone. we are looking at the east bay. high definition emeryville camera. we have some fog out there, in fact into concord and the north bay we are look at some of the fog being transported from the central valley. here we are at 7:00 this morning and from the delta to san rafael and perhaps at the airport, but throughout the next couple of hours it continues to pull on back. but a few areas left over near the coast and hayward this morning. so watch out for that. we will look for pretty nice conditions, if you can get through these 30s. so a pretty chilly start out there with 38 san francisco, 42 mountain view. we will talk about milder highs coming your way this afternoon. katie. >> lisa, thank you. new this morning, police in pleasant hill have arrested three teenagers following an
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explosion. we are live in pleasant hill. and police have reason to believe the teens had more plans for more destruction? >> yes, they do. they found the teens and found the teens had another pipe bomb they had yet to set off so luckily police stopped them before they could do that. take a look at this video. [explosion sound] >> what you just is authorities detonating a pipe bomb before it did more damage. police before that received calls of an explosion in a neighborhood last night. they arrived to fine a mailbox had been destroyed by a pipe bomb. neighbors saw a red s.u.v. leave the neighborhood soon after. police took the tip and spotted the vehicle in the parking lot of the high school. the teens had plans to do more damage. >> the investigation determined
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that the people in the s.u.v. were involved in the mail box explosion and then they had another pipe bomb in the trunk. the walnut police bomb squad came out and rendered the pipe bomb safe. three juveniles were taken into custody as a result of the investigation. >> police say the juveniles are being cooperative and they admitted to only having those two pipe bombs. as a result, police believe they do believe this is an isolated incident. they don't think college park high school was a target, just a meeting place. and had anyone come into contact with the pipe bombs, they could have died. good thing, of course, that they didn't. reporting live in pleasant hill, abc7 news. >> thank you. two deadly accidents in the east bay are under investigation this weekend. first, two people were killed in
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a head-on collision in byron yesterday and then last night in concord a 21-year-old man riding a skateboard was hit and killed. police say a 21-year-old creighton woman was driving a chevy tahoe when she hit the skateboarder. police say the concord man was in the crosswalk when he was hit. he suffered major injuries and died at the hospital. traffic was detoured for hours for the police investigation. the byron highway and contra costa road open this morning after two people were killed there, including a young boy. the accident happened around 3:30 on the stretch of highway that crosses the california aqua duct. witnesses say the driver of an 88 oldsmobile swerved across the yellow line and snatched into the big rig. the boy, believed to be between 8 and 9 years old, died at the scene. the driver, a 21-year-old woman from bay point, died at the hospital. the supreme court said it will take up two same-sex marriage cases, including california's proposition 8.
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>> i have been waiting for three years to enjoy the same privilege these folks are enjoying. >> the constitution of the united states doesn't have marriage in it and the tenth amendment said what's not in the federal powers belongs to the states. >> the justice less likely decide by late june whether gay couples have the constitutional right to marry. >> authorities believe 23-year-old rebecca was involved in the murder of 17-year-old daniel. the victim was killed a week ago on pacific avenue. detectives believe the murder was gang related and he did not act alone. this morning richmond police
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are warning women about a rapist the assaults have happened off 23rd street and garvin avenue all in a five month span. these two sketches are of the same person. he's described as being in his 30s, roughly 5'7" and wearing a gold chain with a cross. witnesses say he's driving a white four door sedan, similar to a nissan ultima, and it may have a child's seat in the back. residents of the area say it's usually pretty safe. >> i often walk around in the neighborhood by myself. this is the first time i have ever heard of anything like this around here. it's generally a very safe place and i haven't been concerned. >> the man is as you expected of raping two women and attempting to assault a third one. >> there have been eight fatal collision necessary the county this year and five involved drivers high on marijuana. last month we reported on an
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office of traffic safety survey that shows almost twice as many people were caught driving under the influence of drugs rather than alcohol. that was in nine california cities on friday and saturday nights last summer. we are now 23 days before the fiscal cliff deadline. house speaker john boehner said no progress was made yesterday. the main sticking point is still about tax cuts that are set to expire. also the president's demand that wealthy pay more. the uncertainty of what will happen is starting to have an impact on charities. abc7 news reporter tells us donations are down. the food pantry at the saint anthony foundation in san francisco is in good shape but overall donations are down for the year >> we are a little behind where we would like to be or budgeted to be. >> the director said the charity has seen interesting trends this holiday season that may have to do with the impending fiscal cliff >> we are seeing people who have never given us a stock donation before stepping up and making that kind of gift to us.
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>> they could be concerned that the tax deductions for charitable giving would be cut next year, saving the government money. private wealth advisor said it can make sense to get more bang for your donation buck. that would help charities this year, but people may be less generous in years to come. >> people who would like to donate, some had this year and potentially some this year, may try to double up and donate more this year. >> but the uncertain financial future is also causing fear. >> and many people are afraid to make any move, so then there's paralysis, because if you don't know what's coming, you are try to say as liquid as you can, you try to hold on to what you have, and you are not as willing to donate or spend in general. >> saint anthony's is seeing this as well. >> some of the people who have traditionally given us end of year stock donations, we are seeing about half of those coming through. >> the saint anthony's is
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optimistic their donors will come through by the new year. >> their donations really seem to come from the heart, out of a sense of compassion. >> he agrees. he said wealthy people may donate less if it benefits them less but he thinks overall people donate because they want to help and the tax deduction is a bonus. coming up next, sadness and outrage from around the world. the prank call that has even the royals laughing takes a tragic turn. and also a local church group robbed and penniless. how their shock turns to despair
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>> welcome back, everybody. it's 6:11. scotland yard now on the case of the nurse who committed suicide after being duped by australian dj's who were pretending to be the queen of england. nurse inadvertently gave out information about indicate middleton's condition. >> she was at the center of a white hot media glare and one day after she checked out, tragedy. >> it is with deep sadness, i can confirm the tragic death of a member of our nursing staff. >> it was the nurse who answered the phone on tuesday when two
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australian dj's impersonating the queen asked to speak with kate middleton. >> hello there. could i please speak with kate, my granddaughter? >> he put them straight through to the private nurse who divulged details about her medical condition. it became a global punchline. >> an australian radio station managed to trick the hospital. >> the whole world laughing at the duped nurses. even prince charles making light of the information. >> the dj's boasting of their prank. >> we were expecting to be hung up on and we didn't even know what to say. >> tonight they told about the toll it took on the nurse. >> she was recently the victim of the bank call to the hospital. the hospital was support her through this very difficult time. >> this morning she was found dead just a few blocks from the hospital. scotland yard called her death
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unexplained, but not suspicious. she was 46 years old, married with two children. >> in australia the djs's have been yanked off the air until further notice while the radio station apologized and expressed deep shock. and tonight the palace released a statement saying william and and kate are deeply sad end by the tragedy. >> we will have much more on this coming up at 7:00 a.m.. members of an oakland church group who were robbed in florida are learning firsthand about giving back. international ministry that arrived thursday in fort lauderdale for a youth conference. while they were out getting lunch someone broke into their van and stole their money, $12,000. several floridians heard the story and stepped forward. >> i have a little something here, i have $15,000. >> oh, my god! >> wow! after that stunning gift, another man treated the group to
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lunch. the group will be home monday with the story to tell about strangers and their kindness. >> the university ever california is going modern, or at least their logo is. old logo on the left, the new one on the right. the older, more traditional symbol will appear on official university documents but the new one that has the letter "c" at the bottom of a stylized open book, it will appear on marketing materials and websites. they wanted something more user-friendly. >> the times are changing. >> yeah. >> weather is changing, too? >> yes. we are looking at temperatures dropping quite rapidly in the north bay valleys. here's a roof camera. a little wind. numbers in the upper 40s. the wind is transporting the fog into the north bay valleys where it's 34 right now santa rosa. quarter mile visibility into the east bay. we will talk about the fog and the warmup headed your way coming up. >> thank you, lisa. also next a happy homecoming for
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warriors coach mark jackson as the warriors beat the nets in
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>> good morning. yesterday it was about staying drive and today staying warm.
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>> that's right. 30s and 40s and fog as well. dense fog advisory from the delta and there's fog really along the coast, as well. it is being transported in from our east bay from the delta and we are looking at just a little bit san francisco. temperatures are quite cold this morning. and the sun not up until 7:13, setting at 4:51 so the numbers will continue to drop throughout the next several hours. this is from vollmer peak this morning. looking out over into the east bay. so live doppler 7hd. although it looks clear, and it is in terms of picking up any raindrops, but we are looking at another satellite picture to show you where our fog is and the chilly temperatures. and this definitely is resulting in the north bay where we have 34 this morning santa rosa, 37 napa and 38 livermore and the warmer numbers here from oakland to san francisco. and there is fog around half moon bay.
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but most of the fog has been confined in the north bay, from novato to santa rosa, concord, and now it's creeping through fairfield. quarter mile visibility. be careful out there. it will be with us through about 8:00. here's this morning the northeast winds are transporting the fog through the delta. the east bay, half moon bay, san francisco, but it does dissipate by about 8:00, 9:00 so it should be pretty nice afternoon with plenty of sunshine. still the northeast winds with us. that will lead to mild temperatures. a little cooler in our east bay where the winds are blowing. otherwise we will look for more sunshine today, tomorrow, into the early part of the week and the next weatherer comes from the north. doesn't look like a big system but we are watching high pressure as it builds into the eastern pacific. as it does, the next couple of days we are going to gain a couple of degrees each and every day as the high pressure builds
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and continues to slide to the east of us. so that will allow for warmer temperatures in most locations, although with the fog and the gusty northeast winds from time to time, that should offset a little cooling from the delta over into the east bay. otherwise plenty of low 060s today. 62 big sur with the warmth and gusty winds down through southern california. san diego looking at gusty winds. and back home how about 63 today in campbell. 61 in sunnyvale. temperatures normally in the upper 50s so a few degrees above the average. menlo park, 62 for you. downtown look for 61. 59 in the sunset district. a few high clouds from time to time. tonight the boat parade should be a chilly but nice evening. 60s for a high. and out over the hills look for lower 60s today. the northeast winds will keep a chill in the air. 65 salinas with 63 in santa cruz. so the accuweather seven-day forecast looking at a pretty
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nice day today and temperatures still coming up a few degrees tomorrow and into monday. very little change and slightly cooler conditions but still dry on tuesday. slight chance of showers on wednesday but notice the numbers drop into the mid-and upper 50s. we will keep a cool, dry on thursday, maybe more rain on friday. but at this point it's looking like a pretty dry stretch. >> sure does. thank you, lisa. we are joined live from new york to tell us what is coming up at 7:00 on "good morning america." good morning. >> hey, katie, good morning to you. coming up, tragic hopes. we have new details on the hospital nurse who was found dead after being duped by a couple radio djs while duchess kate was in the hospital. how is the royal family responding to the tragedy, and what actions is the australian radio station behind the hoax taking in its weak. and also korean superstar is
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backtracking after it discovered that he performed a song with anti-american lyrics, this just days before he is scheduled to perform in front. president. how does he feel about the country who made him a youtube sensation and should the latest revelation change the president's plans. and plus secret santa. a man discovers a decades old christmas picture from his childhood and realizes he knows the man whose lap he is sitting on. coming up, find out who santa is. a realized ferry tale that will leave you smiling. and gabriel douglas is spending time with us and telling us about her new memoir and how she almost never made it to the london olympics t wouldn't be the same without her. that's coming up on the show. >> i couldn't imagine it without her. what an inspiration. thank you. >> see ya. >> in sports this afternoon the warriors will try to win their third straight game on their seven-day road trip. they are in washington to play
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the wizards. last night golden state played their first game in the nets new arena in brooklyn. here's larry beil with highlights in this morning's sports. good morning. this is a pleasant surprise for just a second time in 20 years the warriors have won twelve of their first nineteen games. impressive road win in brooklyn. coach mark jackson was born in brooklyn, played his high school ball just down the road from the new barclay center, the new arena there. you see klay thompson, the confidence growing. taking it to the rack strong. joe johnson lighting it up. finished with 32 points. nets by 6. steph curry goes from simmer to boil, knocking down threes. steph makes it rain. 28 points. fourth quarter, steph not with the shot, but the dish to green. the rookie had 6 points and 10 boards. david lee a double-double, 30 points, 15 rebounds. cleaning up inside. 109-102 warriors. they are now 12-7 this season, piling up wins even without
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andrew bogus. before they kicked off the season. they said raiders management knew they did not have a playoff contender, but i'm not sure they envisioned this 3-0 debacle. they had the loss to peyton manning and the broncos. he and reggie knew this was a rebuilding project, but it looks like it's turned into a complete tear-down. >> reggie and i have talked about it. we knew what we were dealing with when we came here. and we knew that we had some depth issues on the roster and we couldn't sustain a lot of injuries. we all want to win and want to win now, but i'm look at the long-term future of the team and we have to prepare for the future. >> the heisman trophy will be handed out tonight in new york. it's essentially a two-man race,
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johnny manzel and mantai tao. collin klein is a finalist and he will be kansas state's first player to take home a heisman. but the favorite is johnny manzel from texas a&m. they call him johnny football who would be the first freshman to win the heisman. >> it would mean the world to me. it would be a dream come true for me to be the first freshman to win the honor and to bring a heisman trophy back to texas a&m. just the pride it would bring to not only my family but everybody, everybody at aggieland and everybody involved with the texas a&m program. it would mean the world. baseball news, when a's fans think about brandon mccarthy, this moment will be the first thing that flashes in their minds. a line drive that could have killed him. turned out it was his last pitch for the a's. he's agreed to a two-year deal with arizona for $15.5 million. he posted a 8-6 record for the green and gold last year. to the ice. the bulls hosting the colorado eagles. the third period they were down
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4-0. but we need one san francisco goal because this was teddybears night. he delivered with the goal and fans delivered with the teddybears on the ice, all to be donated to charity. the bulls lose, but the kids win. good stuff right there. that's a wrap on morning sports. mike will be here with the heisman trophy winner. who wins it? we will find out at five, six and eleven. have a great weekend, everybody. i'm larry beil. >> next, need help on the down payment on a home you want to buy? homeowners are applying for free mortgage money. find out if you qualify. and they trusted a dealer to
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>> some families in the east bay now have $20,000 to make a down payment on a home. there's more where that came from. wells fargo is hosting an event called city lift. for those who qualify, it's a life changing experience. abc7 news reporter laura anthony has the story. >> we've got the money. >> oakland glen taylor is celebrating she just qualified for $20,000 in down payment assistance from wells fargo bank. it's the last piece she needs to buy a home for her family. >> do dreams come true? >> dreams do come true. they do. they do. >> wells fargo is reaching out to hundreds of bay area families, trying to help them with $20,000 toward a down payment on the purchase of a home. sean coleman lined up at 6:00 a.m. and was one of the first to find out he qualified. >> exciting day for you? >> yes, it is. most exciting thing, better than a birthday.
6:30 am
>> and not everyone who applies will qualify. applicants must have a consistent income and strong credit history. for those who qualify the entire $20,000 will be forgiven if the buyer stays in their home for at least five years or prorated 20% per year of residence. >> the goal is to make sure we don't have people jumping in is flipping properties, but literally stay there. >> they stopped to enjoy the home tour even though they found out they did not qualify for the down payment assistance. >> we were closer than we realized to having something that we could call our own down the line. >> we are closer. we still have a few things we still need to do, but i feel better about what's going on now than before. >> this event goes all day at the downtown marriott. 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. preregistration is closed, but walk-ins are welcome. there's more information on our website. that's
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in oakland, laura anthony, abc7 news. >> new this morning, president obama is taking a sharply partisan tone in his weekly address, blaming house republicans for blocking a bill to resolve the fiscal cliff crisis. as we move closer to a year end deadline where huge tax increases kick in and tax cuts kick in, they have not compromised to help reduce the deficit. the latest senate version would prevent a tax height on the first $250,000 of earning. >> the wealthiest americans would get a tax cut on the first $250,000 of their income and families everywhere would enjoy some peace of mind. the senate has done their part. we are waiting for republicans in the house to do the same thing, but so far they have put forward an unbalanced plan that actually lowers rates for the wealthiest americans. >> republican florida senator marco rubio said tax increases will not reduce the nation's
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$16 trillion debt. officials for the proposed sonoma-marin rail transit project or smart train are looking to get $16.6 million in federal fund to go buy more train cars. today the press democrat reports money otherwise would be used for local pedestrian and bicycle paths. smart train is committed to go to cloversdale and larkspur, but beyond that more rail cars would be needed to carry the load. the request is not sitting well with bicyclist advocates because it would take away about two-thirds of their federal funding, setting back plans to build bike paths another five years. >> new this morning, three women who dined at a stockton car room said the bill they received was outrageous but not because of the price. christina and her two friends are mad about a remark that was typed on to their receipt by their server, named jeff. it read "fat girls."
6:33 am
they know some people will chuckle when they see the story but they want people to know how much the comment hurt. the manager on duty offered them a 25% discount, but upped that to 50%. his boss is offering a public apology and making changes at the restaurant. >> i still can't believe somebody would put that on a street. -- on a receipt. >> it's something we saw, all three of us. >> i want to tell them we are sincerely sorry for that and we will do everything in our power to make sure this never happens to anyone again. >> the bar manager said the server has been suspended while the incident is investigated. >> petaluma police are pushing the council to adopt new regulations for the massage industry. the city is drafting an ordinance for those that serve as fronts for prostitution. the police chief said investigations have uncovered illegal activities and he wants them to be state licensed. the business owners say they have no problem with that, but they strongly reject to a
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requirement that workers pass a medical exam and prove they don't have any diseases. the draft of the ordinance should be presented to the council in february. the owners of at least 20 cars are looking for the owners of a sunnyvale consignment car company. they apparently took off with the vehicles they were supposed to sell. abc7 news reporter has the latest on the story that we broke thursday night on abc7 news. >> the car is now in their name. i'm not sure what i can do. >> graham ward is asking a sunnyvale police officer who he can do to get his car back. he left his volvo here last july on consignment. now the business is closed and his car, which he is still making payments on, is registered in the name of sunnyvale motor cars. >> if i would have taken the car they could have reported it as stolen. >> your car? >> my car. >> his volvo is still here but as many as 30 cars have gone
6:35 am
missing from the lot since last week. a mechanic who has a business next to the car lot said he saw them go. >> the cars started to disappear. tow trucks were taking them out and saturday morning everything was gone. >> leaving the ones full consignment lot empty except for a few cars in the rear of the shop. he talked to some of the victims. >> it's sad listening to their stories. a lot of them have double loans on cars and have lost 20, $30,000. >> abc7 news has learned from the tow company that some of the cars were taken to an unnamed auto auction. police first learned of the problem last week when they received the call from a victim saying their car was stolen. yelp was filled with comments from owners complaining about their missing cars. >> we have 20-plus potential victims of a fraud that our investigators are working on right now. >> sunnyvale police captain said the case is complicated. over our pink slip titles to the company, essentially giving the cars to the business. others may have actually had their cars stolen by the operators of the business.
6:36 am
>> at some point in time those agreements appear to have gone awry somehow, some way. what we are trying to do is to get down to the bottom of what was agreed upon, what has transpired, and where we are now. >> we spoke to a process server who came by to serve papers on a lawsuit for the business owner, and we attempted to contact ms. garcia at her own address, but we were told she moved a month ago without leaving a forwarding address. sunnyvale police are investigating. in sunnyvale, abc7 news. >> it's 6:37 now. coming up next, it's called tv everywhere. how a bay area company will bring you the programs you want to your laptop or tablet. first a live look outside. it's a chilly, chilly morning but we should get into the low 670ths in most area. we will yes you did. no i didn't, no i didn't. yes you did, yes you did. no i didn't, no i didn't. yes you did. did not. [ male announcer ] find some peace this holiday. get an 8 piece meal now with a dozen
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delicious cook-store. the kfc festive feast. all for just $19.99. today tastes so good.
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>> good morning, everyone. welcome back, it's 6:40. you are looking live outside atop the east bay hills. you see mt. diablo in the background. some city lights under the low clouds. if you are heading out, bundle up this morning. but things will change. lisa argen will have your forecast coming up in just a minute. >> weather you are watching news or football this weekend, there's a growing possibility
6:40 am
the screen you are watching it on is not a television. but finding the programs you want on your laptop or tablet can be frustrating. as abc7 news reporter jonathan bloom explains, a bay area company will try to do something about that. >> there's a big flat-screen tv on the wall, but on the coffee table the big game is actually playing on this ipad. >> tv really means any screen that you have in front of you. >> the concept is called tv everywhere, and the company is adobe, the makers of flash, photo shop and now project prime time. >> it tells you what is live on air right now, and you can simply click on that. >> at its core, prime time is a tool for tv networks to put their live programs on all different kinds of devices without having a build a whole slew of apps from scratch. >> android, x-box, i-phone, desktop, that is for a large media companies millions and millions of dollars of cost that we believe we can make much less expensive.
6:41 am
>> now live tv has commercials. so in apps like watch espn, adobe replaces the ads on the air with ads aimed directly at you. >> this ad is not the same as on tv? >> correct. >> ads pick the ads based on your viewing hisry and, if you provide them, your age and gender. >> surveys say if you provide someone with an ad they want to watch they are much more interested and engaged than if, for instance, you are showing a feminine hygiene ad. i would be much more interested in watching an ad for jaguar cars, for example. >> for premium cable channels. >> we will select comcast. >> you log in through your cable company. if you are already paying for the channel on cable you shouldn't have to pay on top to watch it on hulu or itunes. and most don't. the tv of the future the good old commercial break is probably here to stay. >> whether it's over the air or elsewhere, ads are funding the programming today. folks haven't been interesting in buying programs.
6:42 am
>> abc7 news. >> well, is it an indoor watching tv day or an outdoor having fun day? >> half and half. because it's certainly cold out there this morning. there are some fog in spots. it will be sunny and mild this afternoon. here's a look at san jose where it's 45 degrees right now. so pretty cool down in the south bay with cloudy conditions. but that won't last for long. and you are looking at maybe a 15 to 20-degree warmup. we will talk about that. >> i heard warmup. thank you, lisa. also ahead, thanking our veterans with the gift of wheels. meettññc?p$x?ññ/@'/xes ñ ñ
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>> welcome back and good morning. take a live look. sunrise from sutro. looks like a beautiful, clear morning is shaping up but it's going to be chilly for a little bit this morning. down into the 40s and such. but we could see a rise up into the low 60s in most places. lisa argen will map it all out for you coming up in just a little bit. >> this morning a marine and a young navy veteran are enjoying generous gifts. businesses in san francisco worked together to be able to offer the tokens of appreciation. tokens with four tires and an engine. [engine revving] >> petty officer jordan revs the engine of his car. he couldn't feel his foot on the
6:46 am
pedal because his right side of his body is paralyzed. >> i was only in afghanistan about eight days before i was injured. injured. i got ak-47 shots through my helmet and hit me in the head. >> it's been a long, hard year but jordan is fighting hard for his recovery, and he got a gift that will help. a refurbished car through recycled rides. >> the car i have now is a jeep and it's a stick shift so because i can't shift with my right-hand. >> when the auto bodyshop decided to join forces, others were eager to help. pro jess i have insurance and e-surance donated the cars and they fixed them up. >> the owner of the company, my father, his car, it's a cause near and deer to my heart and our company believes in what we are doing.
6:47 am
>> they did it times two. [applause] >> marine staff sergeant mike, the time was perfect. he just returned from afghanistan three days ago on a mission to get some wheels. >> he asked me if i knew anyone who needed a car. and i said i'm coming home to buy a car. it's weird how it worked out. >> they are the first to benefit from the recycled rides in san francisco but he won't be the last. there will be more cars for those in need. >> it's hard to be forgotten and sometimes it's hard not to feel that way because people feel the wars are over but a lot of my friends are still getting injured. >> if you would like to nominate a veteran or a current soldier for the program, you can learn how to do that by going to our website under it's under see it on tv. >> wal-mart is sponsoring an easy way for you to play santa clause and help hundreds of low income bay area kids this weekend. today participating wal-mart
6:48 am
stores are hosting a fill the truck toy drive in conjunction with the salvation army. volunteers will be on hand to accept donations for this one-day-only toy drive so don't delay. as we get closer to christmas, all toys collected will be distributed in the bay area by the salvation army. also mark your cslendars for this one, the share your holiday food drive next wednesday, december 12ing. meet the abc7 news team from around the area taking your donations for local food banks. for more information on the nearest location, go to our website. hope to see a lot of people out. >> you will be out there. >> i will be there. >> i believe san jose is my location. >> okay. we will probably have a similar morning. actually there will be clouds around wednesday. that's the one day we could see some showers. and your seven-day outlook shows some changeable conditions.
6:49 am
how about tahoe right now, 26 degrees. you see the snow way up drive. 8,000 feet and temperatures there this morning mighty cold, going to a high of 47. and mount tam right now, it's also very chilly, but looking pretty still with the low clouds around the bay this morning. we are looking at dense fog from novato to santa rosa and also over into the east bay valleys. live doppler 7hd this morning, very quiet. it will stay pretty quiet for the next several days except for wednesday. we are looking at a little bit of moiso that should come our way. but otherwise this morning it's the cold temperatures that you are feeling from napa to fairfield in the mid-30s. how about 38 for friends in the livermore valley with 34 santa rosa. and 43 in san francisco. so i talked about some of that fog and that is reducing the visibility from fairfield to concord at a quarter mile. less than that in novato. you see can't rosa 4 miles.
6:50 am
seven miles at the coastest. some of this fog has been in san francisco, sneaking into the south bay, and it's all coming through the delta on some gusty, northeast winds. this will stay in the forecast for the next several days. a bit of an offer shore flow in play. that would allow for a slightly cooler temperatures in the inland east bay and the dense fog in the morning hours. chilly with the dense fog. mild and sunny for the weekend into early next week. we will look for cooler temperatures by tuesday. a chance of showers headed our way on wednesday. high pressure is to the west of us. it's building in into the eastern pacific, and that allows for the dry conditions, the fair skies, and the warmer weather. although with those winds out of the northeast in the morning hours, that will give us the fog in the afternoon hours. it will keep it quite cool in parts of our east bay. but warmer than we should be with plenty of low 60s and some gusty winds all the way
6:51 am
down to southern california where they also have dense fog this morning. so back home, a beautiful afternoon with low 60s for san jose. los gatos, 64. looking for 62 on the peninsula today. menlo park. 60 milbrae and we are looking at low temperatures pretty chilly this morning in san francisco. but high temperatures in the low 60s. 62 novato, 63 calistoga. a few high clouds throughout the afternoon. but plenty of sunshine with union city come in at 62, as well as antioch, and about 61 in concord with mid-60s for watsonville. the accuweather seven-day forecast, warmer each day. fog overnight and in the early morning hours. slightly cooler on tuesday and a chance of showers, slight chance on wednesday. we're dry, though, thursday and friday. really we go from unextreme to another. >> sure do. wednesday, the day of the food drive but that's okay because we can be indoor inside the food
6:52 am
banks and people can swing by with their donations, there will be all kinds of ways. it will not detour us. >> no, no way. >> thank you, lisa. coming up, the festival of lights begins. where you can se
6:53 am
6:54 am
>> welcome back, everybody. take a look at the winning
6:55 am
numbers from last night's megadrawing. nobody correctly picked all six numbers so tuesday night's jackpot is estimated to be $27 million. >> holiday lights take center stage in san carlos. take a look at this beautiful celebration. a snowfall captured the crowd's attention as the festivities got underway at laura and cherry streets last night. the crowd was entertained. mamma clause put in a special appearance in santa's workshop and downtown businesses stayed open late, tempting shoppers with with gifts for the holidays. hon da, the eight-day jewish holiday, begins tonight at sundown. the first candle of the menorah is lit to commemorate the small
6:56 am
band of fighters of the syrian army. it will take place in union square where the first candle of the 25-foot menorah will be lit. other lightings in san francisco occur at the square at 5:30 and the masonic center at 8:00. that will truly be beautiful, as it is each and every year. what about the weather? tonight there's bad, a couple other things going on, race this is weekend? >> a little cooler. you have to bundle up, as well as this morning where some parts of the bay are looking at dense fog. as you head outside, here's a look. it looks pretty nice out there. you see a little bit of the patchy fog. the sun not coming up until about 7:13. but as we go around the bay, golden gate bridge looks pretty clear. the fog not a a problem there. there is some fog along the coast around half moon bay. you see the wind blowing from our roof cameras. some of those winds transporting in the fog, the t. ly fog to the east bay valleys.
6:57 am
fairfield quarter mile, concord same deal with less than that in here. and a pretty good visibility from the east bay to mountain view. you could see some fog throughout the later morning hours, say in the next hour or two around hayward. otherwise high temperatures today ranking from 63 oakland, 60 haver moon bay, 69 clear lake. and milder numbers here, 64. hollister 65 and salinas and even milder tomorrow, monday. tuesday cooler and the only chance of rain next week is wednesday and it's not a great chance. >> manageable. thank you, lisa. thank you, everyone, for joining us on the abc7 saturday morning news. abc news continues at 8:00 a.m. you asked for it. now the exclusive alarm clock app is available for your android phone or tablet. thanks for staying with us. we will se
6:58 am
6:59 am
good morning, america. this morning, the royal hoax. why is the boss of the deejays behind that prank call to the hospital where kate was staying now defending them? >> this is a tragic event. these people aren't shameful human beings. >> and more developments overnight. new information about the nurse who was a victim of this hoax. and police suspect, took her own life. her husband, now speaking out.
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